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We offer the best one-on-one hand's on driving lessons designed to give you the edge behind the wheel and understand the rules of the road.

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We offer a variety of great deals from beginner to exam preparation and even for those already licensed who need that extra confidence.

Drivers Ed

Drivers under 18 are required to enroll in 30 hours of education. This may be completed online or in a classroom setting. To enroll in online Drivers Ed please click useful links below. To enroll in Classroom Drivers Ed please contact us for pricing and schedule.

Welcome to Ace Driving School in Reno, NV

Welcome to Ace Driving School, Reno, NV’s leading institution for in-depth driving lessons education for road safety. Our high-caliber Behind-the-Wheel Training courses are specifically designed to instill in you the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for safe and efficient road navigation.

At Ace Driving School, our mission goes beyond teaching teens and adults how to drive; we mold responsible, well-informed drivers. Begin your journey with us and discover the difference between a quality driving education.

Apart from typical companies, we offer newer modern compact vehicles equipped with both gas and brake pedals on the passenger side. This helps new drivers adapt to smooth and safe driving much faster.

Drivers Ed in Nevada for Teens & Adults

Drivers Ed classes  (for 15-17 yr old teens only) is a mandatory comprehensive program designed for  new drivers in Reno, NV.  It covers traffic rules, road signs and defensive driving techniques to ensure you’re well-prepared to pass your permit test and become a safe and confident driver. At Ace Driving School, we understand that each student is unique. Training is tailored to meet individual learning needs. Don’t just learn to drive, learn to thrive behind the wheel. Please see approved classroom link above.

Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons

At Ace Driving School, we believe the best learning happens on the road. Our behind-the-wheel driver training program in Reno, NV provides students with hands-on, real-world driving experience under the supervision of our seasoned instructors. We guide you through various driving scenarios, helping you build your confidence and competence on the road. 

Our “Behind the Wheel” driver’s training program stands out as a unique offering. With hands-on practical sessions in real-world driving scenarios, we ensure our students are ready not just to pass their driving tests, but to become competent and assured drivers on the open road.

Join Ace Driving School and benefit from our commitment to student success, our experienced instructors, and our focus on safe, confident driving. As the leading driving school in Reno, NV, we’re ready to put you in the driver’s seat, guiding you every step of the way.

About Ace Driving Instructors

Nevada DMV Licensed Instructors

Our instructors are licensed through the Nevada DMV and have over 30 years of driving experience. We focus on learning the rules of the road first while evaluating your progress to enable you to pass a DMV exam and drive with confidence. We will assist you in driving the vehicle in a smooth and controlled manner. Our instructor will make learning fun while helping you create self-awareness on the road. This is the most important concept a Driving School can relay to you.

We Provide:

5 Star Google Reviews

Student Driver Reviews

Edwin O.
19:52 22 Jan 24
Very informative and fun to drive with, got my license in ten hours coming from another country. Safe, nice, and straight forward. Sound person as well
Ace E.
01:02 06 Jan 24
This is an amazing class taught by an amazing teacher. Monte will teach you everything you need to know about driving. And I have trouble learning and he was so so good at explaining everything to the class. 110% recommended to all students.
Kerstyn S.
20:41 19 Dec 23
I’m so grateful that Monte got me in so early especially during the holidays. I was planning on getting my license next month and Monte made sure I got in before I get my license. He made the lesson fun too he showed me wild horses and improved my driving skills.
20:35 10 Aug 23
Great Teacher and Class. I learned more than just Driving. Such as car insurance and how to handle a situation if I am pulled over. Would Recommend This Drivers Ed Class. Thank you Monte.
Elian P.
19:48 10 Aug 23
Very good teacher
Maebyn H.
19:47 10 Aug 23
This class prepared me for life skills beyond driving a car. Monte is a great teacher, he’s fun and also has a great way of teaching.
M H.
19:47 10 Aug 23
A good teacher, very chill
Gabriela M.
19:45 10 Aug 23
Great class wonderful time
Jesus M.
19:45 10 Aug 23
Great time I had a blast the class Is very informative.
19:45 10 Aug 23
made drivers ed not so boring
Anna G.
19:45 10 Aug 23
Ace driving school is the driving school to go to.
Kristin C.
12:58 14 Jul 23
When I signed up for this class, I was expecting it to be extremely boring and unhelpful. But with Monte as my instructor, I learned so much useful information about life skills and solving problems that I had never been taught before. I am 1000% happy that I didn’t take drivers ed online because this class was engaging and fun and I learned a lot.
Anna L.
02:02 14 Jul 23
Mr Monty was a great teacher! He explained things in a way that made sense and wasn’t just textbook learning. We did a lot of visuals and discussions which I think really helped. Overall a great and helpful teacher.
00:21 14 Jul 23
Great instruction
zoe N.
00:15 14 Jul 23
Monte was such an amazing teacher for Drivers Ed. I learned so much that I definitely would not have gotten out of the online class. I definitely recommend this class.
Will F.
23:18 13 Jul 23
Highly recommend going here instead of anywhere else.
Maucos R.
21:49 13 Jul 23
Great class and would recommend to others
Adele B.
21:26 13 Jul 23
Monte was an absolutely amazing instructor. He was able to clear up any questions I had perfectly and made driver’s ed fun and interactive. I’m glad that I took this class in person, I learned so much more than I would have if I had taken the course online.
Sophia F.
21:10 13 Jul 23
Took Monte’s drivers Ed course he was a great teacher making the class educational but still fun and interactive. I left everyday feeling more prepared and confident driving.
Kate S.
21:10 13 Jul 23
I learned a lot from Monty he was very helpful, was a good and fun teacher that kept us engaged. Learned unique things that I think normal drivers Ed teachers would not teach like telling us what to do when a cop pulls you over, and what to do in emergency situations. Classroom environment was fun and educating. If I were to do this again I would hope to get Monty.
21:08 13 Jul 23
monte is such a great teacher. before I was so paranoid and anxious about driving but thanks to him I feel more confident about driving and getting out on the road. the information we learned was really interesting and he incorporated engaging and fun activities to get his point across. if you’re looking to get your drivers ed hours in his class is the way to go! thank you monte! 🙂
21:06 13 Jul 23
I had Monte as my driver's Ed teacher and I learned a lot more than I thought I would in these last 4 days.
Melanie L.
21:05 13 Jul 23
I learned more than I thought I would these past 4 days, very engaging and made me feel prepared for the driving test
danilyn B.
21:05 13 Jul 23
An amazing teacher who taught me everything i needed to know for both my permit test as well as my drivers test. Learned so much in just a span of 4 days.
Lia H.
21:03 13 Jul 23
highly recommend, fun and great
jon D.
21:02 13 Jul 23
Amazing teacher. Taught me a lot about cars. How to fix and change oil in my car. Very interactive. It was an amazing class. Gave me a lot of information to help me out in driving and traffic stops and help me pass my driving test such as showing us the route in the drivers test.
g t
21:01 13 Jul 23
Amazing experience and everything well taught.
Stella K.
17:41 13 Jul 23
Monte was an excellent instructor and provided incredible lessons for my sixteen year old for 9 hours. I would highly recommend him!
Renee C.
21:39 05 Jul 23
I just got my driver's license and I'm so happy I'm crying with joy! Monte did such an incredible job preparing me for my test, I don't think I would have passed without his help. I am super super grateful and happy! Thank you Monte! If I could give you 10 stars I would!
04:31 04 Jul 23
Got Monte as my instructor great guy really down to earth, helped me learn to ride real quick and on top of it learn how to navigate Reno without gps and use my other senses. Went above and behind as an instructor, highly recommended if anxious about freeways, highways, and city limits.
17:54 02 Jul 23
Monte is a wonderful driving instructor. I did not have much knowledge and confidence about driving before joining his driving class. I am completely new to USA driving rules, so I took 24 hours (behind the wheel) classes and rented his car for the driving test as well. Other than this I did not do quality practice myself. I would say it was worth spending. His instructions were so clear and precise. He will ensure whether the student is alert and observing all the road rules. He constantly gave honest feedback and motivated a lot which helps to improve. I felt so comfortable to learn driving from him. I strongly recommend Ace Driving School. He is the best and so professional. For sure all his students will get their license easily.
zaid S.
07:22 02 Jul 23
Great learning experience. Monte is an instructor who makes sure you understand the practical side of the rules which makes it more engaging and easier to digest and apply. He's feedback on the way you drive and what you need to look for are "spot on" as we say.The other nice thing we did is a simulation of the driving test by going to the actual location of the DMV school and went through all the check lists that you will be going through at the day of your exam. This by it self will boost your confidence and get you set up for the day of the driving test.I would recommend this experience for everyone as it will not only make you pass the exam, but also teaches you how to drive safely on the roads
Charlene M.
04:59 01 Jul 23
Rented the car for test day services. My instructor was great and the lessons were really good. On test day he picked me up, i used the same car for my test that i had been training in, and afterwards he dropped me off. Worth every penny and I passed!
Ava T.
19:27 25 Jun 23
Monte is a great driving instructor and teaches you not only driving, but the rules of the road that help you become a safe and confident driver. He provides excellent feedback while also encouraging you. I would definitely recommend these driving lessons to anyone learning to drive.
Our Pricing

Flexible Pricing Plans

DMV Practice Exam


Our instructor will give you simulated DMV driving exams  and grade your performance. This will simulate exactly how the DMV examiner will test you and grade your performance. You will have an opportunity to understand what is required to pass the Nevada DMV Driving Exam.



The best way to determine your skill level is to start with 3 days of road coaching. Here we set the foundation of what you will need to understand in order to pass your exam. Practice control of the vehicle and understanding road rules. Each lesson is 2 hours.



For those of you who just want to test out the waters or maybe you already have a license and need a little more confidence on the road. This service allows you to pay as you go. *BONUS* Upgrade to 6 or 10 hours later at any time and only pay the difference.

DMV Road Exam / Vehicle Rental


You may reserve the vehicle you train in to take your driving exam. We understand that many of you do not have a vehicle you can borrow. Our instructor will pick you up and drive you to the DMV on the day of your exam. A DMV Drive Test Appointment is required for this service.

:NOTE: Special Conditions Apply

 You Must Be Able To Pass A Prequalifying Practice Exam With The Instructor to Gain Access to This Service. We Do Not Want Students to Waste Money for Services They Do Not Qualify For




This Is the Most Common Package. These deals are designed to move the student up in skills as fast as they can possibly learn it. This module is designed for those who want to learn fast and put in the time it takes to adapt to driving a vehicle in all traffic conditions.

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